house textAs we search for deeper connections and forge meaningful relationships with our environment we face new challenges of integrating the intangible digital content on which we place an increasing importance.

Through a process of enhancing and exaggerating the interaction process, the physicality of these digital devices may better describe the relationship between individuals and their digital content.

I endeavor to create objects that represent the intangible digital content they contain, in the hope they may take more aesthetic and meaningful forms to better integrate them into the most personal of environments, our homes.



The spaces we inhabit are evolving beyond their physical characteristics; intelligent environments offer the potential to bridge the physical and virtual worlds through a myriad of devices, networked and autonomous this ambient technology has to potential to grow to be infinitely personal.

The technology we employ in our day to day lives are evolving the traditional notions of our homes, ideals such as informality, adaptability, and the devolution of hierarchy are changing our domestic landscape and as such are a reflection of our evolving societies needs.

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